Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

We help you navigate the often confusing landscape to identify qualified investors and strategic partners. From well-qualified and strategic introductions to pre-market advisory that combines concise targeting with brand messaging, we introduce strategic partners that can be transformative to your business.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Raising capital is just one goal of a marketing strategy - we help you with the broader and longer-term strategic positioning of your business in your respective market and provide insite on differentiating your brand.

Strategic Partnerships

CRM Build Out & Management

An effective marketing effort needs the right marketing tools and technology, as well as end-to-end process management. We have the experience, track record, and expertise to help you build out your marketing process and respective technology.

Competitive Analysis

Investor Relations Strategy

Whether it is new, existing or potential, a client relationship requires perspective to maximize success. We have the insight into that perspective, and can turn that insight into an actionable strategy.